At Concordia Careers we believe that excellence is through people and therefore we bring people and companies together to create sensible solutions to tough HR problems. We adapt to our clients’ changing needs and changes in the market to ensure we stay agile and achieve growth for us and our clients. Our goal is to become a prominent role-player in the provision of human resources services through all sectors of the South African economy. We give you our guarantee that if you are not 100% satisfied with the work we do for you, we will revise it until you are. Customer satisfaction has always been our highest priority.

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Why Concordia Careers?

Knowing your HR functions are being handled by our seasoned experts, you will:

Reduce the Risk

We believe that with our HR Experts we can reduce the risk for our clients associated with HR and Labour issues and we provide guarantees on our services.

Mitigate Legal Risks

We ensure that your company minimises exposure to legal risks associated with employment law and HR practices.

Improve Your Regulatory Compliance

Outsourcing to Concordia Careers offers you peace of mind that your company will comply with all applicable Statutory regulations.

Better access to talented candidates in case there is a need for hiring

Outsourcing your recruiting function to us not only reduce costs, but also give you access to the best of the available talent pool.

Enhance Employee Productivity

By outsourcing your wellness programs, training and talent management to us, our subject matter experts can help you improve your employees’ overall motivation and wellness.

Cost efficiency

You will save huge on overall company costs which will allow you to still focus on your core business.

Access to HR expertise and skills that might not be available in-house

A combination of internal and external HR professionals can create a perfect balance in your company’s HR.

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All our consultants are professionally qualified and experienced practitioners.

Leon Botha

General Manager And Specialist Technology Recruiter